Friday, March 25, 2011

Hikmah | Everything happens for a reason


Entry lepas sembahyang jumaat | I believe that everything happens for a reason, let's start question in ourselves, isn't this proof enough for us or are we so blind to push it all aside? No.. We just have to open our eyes, our hearts, and minds. If we just look bright to see the signs, we can't keep hiding from the truth. Let it take us by surprise, pray to Allah to take us in the best way, guide us every single day, keep us close to Him until the end of time.

*aku rasa lepas ni dah tak boleh nak leka-leka sangat. dah jauh sangat hanyut aku rasa. kang jadi apa2 susah plak nanti, kalau tak libatkan orang lain takpe. ok azim, you just need to focus! especially for this forthcoming weeks


zackri zims said...

smart la gmbr ni..clean jer..suke2 =)

azim idris said...

z, on IM