Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Amir + Reen { the engagement }

Salaam Eid everyone,
So there went August. There went Ramadhan. I’ve been taking this recent good semester break for granted, regret. I reinjured my knee during this long break and I cant find any real job, I mean monthly paycheck type of job except for editing assignment from several photog.

It was September 4th 2011, the engagement of Amir and Reen I made a comeback into photographing such event like this. Lil bit slow at start but I manage to find my way with the help of some pre-visualisation before the day. I was blessed to photograph Amir anf Reen's celebration of their love for each other, their engagement. Simple yet full of love, the words that comes to mind when I look back at their photos.

▲ for your info, Reen is actually sister to my friend, Azran (right)

▲ Azran and the rest are my friends wayyy back in primary school before I moved to Selayang. but still, SKBB ROCKS !
Actually I've planned some outdoor photoshoot for them but Amir had to catch a flight to Sabah as he will be posting there, police.
▼ So, this is super-duper-fast-express portrait of them.

Congrats & Mabrouk to both of you!


jer deepcorepurple said...

as salam. gua tak kira,wedding gua lu kne mari tembak tau. bg harga sedare la bro.keje ikhlas ke kan.hahahahah pape pon gua dah booked lu dlu.hahaha insyaALLAH :)

Azim Idris said...

apa ada hal, member member kan. :)