Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raya, Merdeka & Lalang


Last week when I on a chase for the 5th Syawal sun rise, I found this great spot to do some portraiture.  So, I called up few friends for a simple portrait session. Nothing so serious about this session, just bunch of good friends having fun and 'ber-gedik-gedik' with few interesting themes.

Personally, my favourite time of shooting is early morning and late evening regardless portraiture or landscapes because the quality of the light and we will be able to play around with the colour temperature and some side light (for portraiture). All photog, atleast most of them will never take for granted about the quality of light when shooting. After all, photography is about painting with the light, right?

The light and the sky was superbly amazing that day, so here some of the images I manage to captured. I guess its not too late to wish you guys Happy Independence Day and Selamat Hari Raya.


Hello there folks, my name is Azim Idris, serious amature photographer based in Melaka and Shah Alam. Please do email me at for any enquiries, no hesitation required. Thanks for stopping by and Selamat Hari Raya, Wslm.

Regards, Azim Idris.


mAdA said...

tutup mata sambil taip komen sbb x sanggup nk tgk semua gmbr..grrrr!!

Azim Idris said...

sabar sabar,

Alif Amin Othman said...

wei ni nak tanya ni, tu lalang betul ke sawah padi terbiar ni?

Azim Idris said...

aku yakin lalang

jer deepcorepurple said...

stunning. tp kau mmg suke shot subject jauh dan nmpk kecil kan. nice.sgt. lalang terbaek. subhanALLAH

aDam ra'Uf said...

askum bro, tumpang tye
even gambo neh dh lama dan besh
saya sdng mencari tmpt yg besh utk outdoor di melaka
leh saya tahu lokasi dimana gambar ini dirakamkn?