Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia

" Kita tak perlu nak bleach out our characteristic ataupun identity semata mata nak bagi sama dengan orang lain, supaya kita dapat tolerate dengan
orang lain. Kita boleh stay dengan who we are but at the same time, be more accepting. Kita mungkin tidak berkongsi pegangan agama, bahasa,
warna kulit, kaum yang sama... tapi kita semua manusia, takkan kita tak boleh kongsi nilai kemanusiaan yang sama? "
-  MatLuthfi


My name is Azim Idris, I am Malay and Muslim, a proud one. We were taught to respect other people in regardless of their race, culture and religion.
For me, no matter if you black or white, it's not your colour that makes it right. I hope Malaysia keep moving forward together, towards a better
future, a better Malaysia. Please love our country, understand and give good tolerance to one another. Happy Independence Day, Malaysia !

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