Sunday, March 18, 2012

G'day Mates!

Salam and good day mates!

Meet my few Sekutu Kuat Berangan or dreamers mates. We've been hanging out for quite some time now and they are good examples for a great quote, "The Quality of your images is beyond the type of Camera that you use" - Azrul K. Abdullah

The reason why I choose the quote for them is because they work with the least piece of gears but yet still can produce tremendously amazing series of images.

You guys can check out their artwork here - Zackri Zims & Iskandar Azlan Shah, passion driven photographers.

By : Azim Idris
18 March 2012


Iskandar Azlan Shah said...

perrrggghhhh.. have a Guddeyyy to mates.. wonderfull.. =D

Azim Idris said...

Gday mate, have a good one

Alif Amin Othman said...

G Day-Nama stailo gampaaa!

dah macam nak berperang dah nama. Peristiwa D-Day, Oklahoma Beach.France.

Azim Idris said...

ini G'day slang ostrolia harun. ostrolia