Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Morning Walkabout [Perlis]


It was the beginning of February, I decided to travel to Northern Malaysia - Kedah and Perlis as an opening for my 2013 escape trip. It’s amazing to hit the road, with car full of talented photographers, knowing you’re going to see some amazing things. Most of us shoot portraits as our principle medium and to experienced such amazing scenery at night and enjoying a sincere sunrise in the morning was a perfect plan.

Frankly speaking, I had a great time for this trip. Met some 'ohsem' photographers, much laughter had and stories been shared along this trip. We’ve felt warmly welcomed and have enjoyed every minute of it. And yes, journeys are made by the people you travel with.

I manage to let go all my problems there and I gain some adrenalin for 2013, its gonna be awesome! And for sure... I will be back to this place, I pomisssss k!







Aiman Hakim | Faiz Nasir | Ameen Deen | Aiman Azizan | Pidot Kuderock | Gambit Samidon | Strow Belang | Din | Ramzul Alam

By: Azim Idris
13 February 2013


min said...

Listening to Norah Jones while looking at all the fabulous photos....I'm in heaven.... (:

azim idris said...

Kak min! Thanks for droppin by. Luv u!

Ramzul Alam said...

missing this place!!! awesome photos azing!!! rasa nak tumbuk laju2 sbb osem sgt!!!

azim idris said...

jangannnnn. sakitttttttt. nanti kita pergi lagi yaaaa! I pomisss

mAdA said...

osemmmmm!!location please...:)