Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Goodness

Salam to all my br' and sis'

I welcomed 2012 with final exams and it was like super-duper-uber busy month for me. Things are little bit different this past semester but I dont want to sound like a nag.

Now it is the time to catch up with my homework. I mean like my 'real' homework. I have to re-tune my photography skills all the way from shooting to editing part. I think its about time.

I've listed things that I wanna do during this semester break and one of it is reading books. Yes, believe me - READING BOOKS (you got to say it with "tangan di dada mata ke atas") but somehow I do believe that reading is one of basic tool in the living of a good life.


It is interesting to learnt that there are students selling their BB1M vouchers at 'discount prices' on websites, been wondering where are the 'intellectual quality' in our students? I rather prefer to used it for my own sake. I already used my first RM50 of the voucher to buy few books (image) and I will keep the rest to buy books that related to my course.

Happy holiday guys, have a good one!

by Azim Idris
30 Jan 2012

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mAdA said...

ok, iMac itu mmg men'jealous'kan aku!wuwuwuwu..